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* We sell replacement Transponder Keys and Remotes, most of the time at a considerable savings compared to what a dealer will charge you.

* We service many different makes and models, and we are adding more all the time.Call us and see what we can do for you.

* We unlock vehicles starting at $45.00 ( Depending on the location,after 5:00pm After Hours rates apply)

* Automotive Keys starting at $2.00 a key 

* Automotive Chip or High Security Keys starting at $20.00

* We can make keys if you loose keys to your car.

* Have your locks stopped working on your car? Check with us to see what we can do.

* Rekeying 

* Repair  of Locks 

* Ignition, Door and other Auto Locks sold and serviced. Other automotive services may be offered at request of customer. Call or stop by for a quote.

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We service a wide range of years from the early 1900's to 2017 models

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