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Our Story
De and Gail opened their store in April of 1984. The store has moved around a few times, but has always been located on Washington Blvd. We are a family owned and operated lock shop. The whole family can be seen from time to time at the store including grandchildren. De found his love for Locksmithing after working for his father in law Herman Cevering at A-1 Key Service. After a while De decided it was time for his own store with the help of his wife Gail they took the plunge. Gail thought she would just help De get started and then go back to doing hair. Now after 33 years she is still helping him out. Many other stores in the area will call us the Smith and Edwards of Locksmithing. " We have everything if we can find it" De enjoys all the old parts and supplies that he keeps around.

As you will notice when you come in our call , each of us have an area in which we specialize . De and Daren specialize in Safes and Safety Deposit Boxes. Nate is our amazing Automotive Tech. At the same time we each work on just about anything that comes our way. We strive to keep up to date on the latest technology. We train in classes about once a year with other forms of teaching threw out the year. De in a CML ( Certified Master Locksmith) and took many test to accomplish that title, he is also GSA ( Government )approved to work on secured locks. Nate is a RL ( Registered Locksmith) and has also taken test to receive this title. All other technicians in our store are trained hands on by these men. We hope you have enjoyed reading about us and that you will stop in and say hi.

Kole is a favorite of many customers.